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Welcome To The Independent Eye on Technologies





Thank you for visiting my  website. Here you could hopefully find useful informations on leading IT technologies. But, technologies are not useful for themselves. They are useful because of businesses  that  they can enable.  A business driven evaluation and selection of tools, methods and technologies can so bring to completely different results with respect to a straightforward  evaluation just based on the technical proficency of some tool. So it worth to always remember that  money is never off topic.

Here you will find articles on Oracle, VMware, Linux technologies and products and opinions on how related companies and organizations are performing in a customer perspective.
Please note that attachments to articles are not listed in front page. Click on the article titles below to move to the article page.

Please note that the website is going to be fully updated to a new and supported version of the Joomla platform. Meanwhile, some parts of the site could show some issues that is no longer worth to fix for just some days.  Thanks for your patience.

Come back soon to visit the new website!

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From The Orchestra To The Quartet


fabiosmall-indentThe challenge we embraced is to improve the interaction between the client and us, applying methods and tools commonly used in large consulting firms, but played in a quartet instead than in an orchestra.
The result is a well defined process played by a small group, with the aid of the best in class tools to fulfill all the phases and steps.
The first goal we have in mind every time is to give the client a solid assistance in express the issues and never be and feel disoriented. The second goal is to do this as quickly as possible, giving the most confidence to the client.
To get this results, the major efforts are in mastering methods, mastering tools as any virtuous of music, take care of proper interaction.


The Most Relevant Management Consulting Contribution


P6 And The WebLogic Advantage



I am going deeply within WLS in the last month and this brought me to some things about the relationship of P6 and WLS. I think that WebLogic is a really tough as platform to base P6 in large environments. I am starting to appreciate the response time and the picture we can have of whatever is going on.

The point is that WebLogic cannot be conceived as a tool or a mean to run something else. This is a valid approach for solutions like JBoss 5.0.1 used to run P6 Web up to P6 v7. With WebLogic the application server administration skills and knowledge should need to be considered upfront of the implementation.

Practically, the checklist should start with the question:
- do we have a professional to manage Weblogic?
I would warn to consider that WebLogic cannot be installed in the background as a pure mean to get that famous folder called e.g. domain1 or p6domain or here_lies_p6. The first time that something goes wrong, the folder will be the coffin of P6 with proper name changed to where_p6_actually_lies_dead.

In an adoption project this is more that a think; it is a project important cost and a yearly salary for a quite expensive professional to be inserted in the bill of subsequent ongoing operations, and possibly shared with other corporate initiatives.

Business Relationships Are Always In-Out


fabiosmall-indentThis seems obvious, also if out there, you will find it is not how it actually works. Business relationships are always  in-out. If one puts something in, will have a chance of getting something out. The new fashion of getting/putting ideas and resources on the web and public domain is really boosting, generating several suggestions, and ideas. That is true, until you start to think that as a way to get something for nothing. Worst if this is not what you think but what your manager thinks.


Are You Sure You Are Communicating?


fabiosmall-indentMany of us could benefit of repeatedly asking themselves, if they are really communicating. Probably the Jakobson description of the fundamentals of communication, could help to understand why meanings do not reach your intended destinations.

As it should be clear there is a need for a sender, a message and a receiver. But this does not suffice. You will need a shared and agreed code, a channel, and mosty important, a context (that show up with number 1 in the list). If the shared knowledge on methods & tools, is erroneously intended also as the context of the communication, you will not be able to communicate any other than on tools and how to use them. The context of the business problem is away, and probably also your chance to solve it.

Please Respect Characters!


fabiosmall-indentThe widespread of new technologies and related availabilty of low cost graphics tools makes simple, sometimes too simple, have people wth little or no knowledge of foundations of typography to be able (or to be unable) to play  with fonts and other basic typographics elements.

The result is that there are many people producing the worst possible results, which are amplified by the power of sophisticated tools, to be really the worst possible ones.

I think that a good way to learn the respect for typography  could be to practice a bit the traditional composition made using lead  characters; in this way one can understand that characters have their own consistency and weight and that this matter should be respected.

I had a chance to attend a workshop at a private press in Italy, where we made a small project, including the design, the composition, the proof reading, and the printing performed with two original Stanhope handpresses.
Click on the thumbnails to enlarge pictures.

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